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Idealpos 7 build 32

Today we released build 32 which contains a number of new features and some a couple of bug fixes.

You can download the Update History here. This is a large update with a lot of changes and we recommend that you read through the Update History guide to see how to use some of the new functions. The User Guide has been updated online.

If you are an Idealpos Customer and haven't yet linked your account, please just go to this page, enter your details and submit. When the new page loads, on the right of the page, you can request to link your company to your account which will give you extra benefits.

** Enhancements
    * [IP-796] - Customer Delete function changed to Customer Discontinue
    * [IP-820] - Scan Code Header filter on Stock Screen includes Alternate Codes in Search
    * [IP-821] - Xero API interface can handle different Xero credentials for multiple sites
    * [IP-822] - Accounting Module - Supplier Invoices - support for Multiple Sites
    * [IP-823] - Swipe Scrolling support for Stock Item Screen
    * [IP-824] - Larger Font on Customer Display Full Screen Layout