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Idealpos 7 Build 57

We've released Idealpos 7 build 57 and it's ready for downloading and installing on your system. To find out what's included, check out the Update History and see how to use the enhancements. We recommend that you read through the Update History guide to see how to use some of the new features.
We also recommend contacting your reseller for more information if you need help installing this build.

Consideration should be given to modifications made to the system which are defined in the Update History or Build Release Notes. These modifications may impact or affect a feature of the system that is currently being used. Idealpos highly recommends that a full backup of the system is created before and after the system has been updated. Idealpos also recommends that the operation of all aspects of the system are tested and monitored following this update. This advice is also applicable in the event that the Software update only contains fixes to the system and there is no Update History or Release Note document supplied. Please contact Idealpos or your Reseller for assistance.

** Enhancements
    * [IP-1405] - Option to allow RA Functions to trigger Tender Surcharges
    * [IP-2254] - Coupons Report - support for Site Grouping / Filtering
    * [IP-2263] - Support for OPOS Cash Drawer
    * [IP-2301] - Activity Log shows Delayed Cash Declarations
    * [IP-2308] - Ability to add RFID tag when modifying Customer from POS Screen
    * [IP-2321] - Promotion Import function - support for Alternate Codes 
    * [IP-2358] - IBA Exclude Batch field allows for delimited list of batches to exclude
    * [IP-2363] - Yes/No Option - Inhibit Tax on Item Surcharges
    * [IP-2394] - Department Sales Daily Trend Report - adjusted to fit on Letter Size paper