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Idealpos 7 build 18

Build 18 is now released and available in the downloads section of both Reseller and Customer accounts. You can download the Update History here. This is a very large update with a lot of changes and we recommend that you read through the Update History guide to see how to use some of the new functions.

If you are an Idealpos Customer and haven't yet linked your account, please just go to this page, enter your details (you don't need to download anything) and submit. On the right of the page, you can request to link your company to your account which will give you extra benefits.

    * [IP-145] - POS Screen setup - allow stock item buttons to link directly to Grids
    * [IP-165] - PC-EFTPOS Aus - Support for MOTO transactions
    * [IP-175] - Promotions screen - filter by Expiry Date
    * [IP-192] - Paymentree Eftpos support for Pinpad Surcharge
    * [IP-193] - Stock Item Sales Report - Gross Amount and Discount fields added
   * [IP-201] - Export 'Tare' value for items that are marked as scale
    * [IP-203] - Option to Exclude Barcodes during POS Screen Button Programming
    * [IP-205] - Emailed Customer Invoices include Invoice number in the Filename
    * [IP-210] - Open Stock Item - option to get Description before the Price
    * [IP-211] - Yes/No Option - New Customers require entry of Email address
    * [IP-216] - Stock Valuation Report - support for Attribute Grouping and Filtering
    * [IP-217] - Stocktake Forms - ability to Group by Attribute
    * [IP-219] - Stock Item Sales - support for Multiple Attributes in Selection Criteria
    * [IP-223] - Ability to create Shortcut to Clerks Add/Modify screen
    * [IP-226] - Stock Item Filter numeric fields support Greater/Less Than (<>) symbols
    * [IP-228] - Yes/No Option - Fast Customer Modify can modify Credit Limit
    * [IP-229] - Customer Type Macro functionality
    * [IP-230] - Clipp Discounts can be linked to Promotion Reports
    * [IP-239] - Export Stock Items supports Stock Level Total for All Locations
    * [IP-243] - Export Stock Items supports Department Description and Supplier Name
   * [IP-249] - Gift Voucher Redemptions Report can be Grouped by POS
    * [IP-252] - Grid Link removed from Grid "None" function
    * [IP-255] - Description2 field displays next to Description field in Stock Item List
    * [IP-256] - Grid File Data available on Grids, Functions, Table Maps and Users screens
    * [IP-258] - Modified Handshaking between POS and Handhelds
    * [IP-266] - Customer Name and Type on POS Screen - small font is blurry
    * [IP-282] - Dynamic Search Delay support for Stock Item field search fields
    * [IP-283] - Customer Account Transactions Report - Grouped by Location
    * [IP-285] - Financial Summary Report - added Tender Banking figures