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Idealpos 7 build 20

Build 20 is now released and available in the downloads section of both Reseller and Customer accounts. You can download the Update History here. This is a very large update with a lot of changes and we recommend that you read through the Update History guide to see how to use some of the new functions.

If you are an Idealpos Customer and haven't yet linked your account, please just go to this page, enter your details (you don't need to download anything) and submit. When the new page loads, on the right of the page, you can request to link your company to your account which will give you extra benefits.

    * [IP-233] - Generate Purchase Order - added Don't Round option
    * [IP-250] - Customer button function can use Customer Type range
    * [IP-251] - Adding Customers through POS button are added to Customer Type linked on button
    * [IP-293] - Attributes Add/Modify screen displays total quantity of Attributes within Attribute Type
    * [IP-295] - Customer Types - new flag so New Customers default to Bar Tabs