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Idealpos 7 build 17

Build 17 is now released and available in the downloads section of both Reseller and Customer accounts. You can download the Update History here. This is a very large update with a lot of changes and we recommend that you read through the Update History guide to see how to use some of the new functions.

If you are an Idealpos Customer and haven't yet linked your account, please just go to this page, enter your details (you don't need to download anything) and submit. On the right of the page, you can request to link your company to your account which will give you extra benefits.

    * [IP-4] - Yes/No Option - Round Stock Item screen amounts to 2 decimal places
    * [IP-5] - Apply Promotions to specific Customers via a Text File Linked in User-Defined Text
    * [IP-8] - Ability to Print File Grid Data
    * [IP-9] - PDE/Stock Manage Process Screens display in order they were entered
    * [IP-13] - Ability to Import Promotions
    * [IP-24] - Tablet User-Defined can work in conjunction with Login Code
    * [IP-27] - Yes/No Option - Hide Gaming Member Photos
    * [IP-28] - Gaming Member Photo on IKM Runner Dockets
    * [IP-30] - Scheduled Reports in CSV format
    * [IP-32] - Disable Stock Item entry in POS screen
    * [IP-41] - IKM Runner Docket displays details in Footer
    * [IP-43] - Add new Stock Item Attributes from within Stock Item screen
    * [IP-44] - Stock Item Linking by Attribute Type
    * [IP-46] - Pending Sales Report grouped by Status
    * [IP-48] - Digi Scale Software - automatic export
    * [IP-54] - Customer Enquiry - Filter customers by Range of Customer Types
    * [IP-55] - Customer Enquiry - Filter customers by Range of Department Sales
    * [IP-56] - Support for PC-Eftpos Pinpad Tipping
    * [IP-58] - Automatic Import of Supplier Invoices - Ability to automatically Process imported invoices
    * [IP-65] - Modify Price by selecting item and pressing Amount
    * [IP-69] - Default Tax Rate for Stock Purchases based on Suppliers Tax Rate
    * [IP-73] - Improved speed for Reservation phone number search
    * [IP-90] - Xcitepos Ares RFID Support
    * [IP-94] - Xcitepos Ares Cash Drawer Support
    * [IP-102] - Yes/No Option to Display Battery Remaining on POS Screen when using Tablet
    * [IP-106] - Support for BHT-900 PDE
    * [IP-108] - Yes/No Option - Use Stock Notes field for Long Descriptors
    * [IP-115] - Stock Item Attributes display in Alphabetical Order
    * [IP-116] - Stock Item Attributes - wider drop-down boxes on Stock Item Sales Report
    * [IP-142] - Yes/No Option - Inhibit Points on Discounts/Promotions
    * [IP-160] - Yes/No Option - Show Supplier's Stock Code on Receipt
    * [IP-162] - Modify Quantity by selecting Item and pressing Quantity
    * [IP-167] - Ideal Handheld supports buffered orders for multiple handhelds
    * [IP-169] - Sprint Liquor Gun Interface
    * [IP-176] - Paymentree Eftpos support for Tips
    * [IP-177] - Canada/USA Financial Report shows NET Sales Ex-Tax if using VAT options