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Idealpos 7 build 41

We've just released Idealpos 7 build 41 and it's got a whole lot of cool new features in it. Check out the Update History for information, or you can find it in the updated User Guide. Even if you are not intending on using any of the new features, we recommend you upgrade to this build to ensure your system is up to date as it includes fixes also.


    * [IP-307] - Override Receipt Footer by Tender Type
    * [IP-749] - User Permission on viewing of End of Shift values in Journal Enquiry
    * [IP-800] - Table Details screen - ability to Hide/Show Paid Items
    * [IP-827] - Tyro Eftpos option to Not Print Eftpos Receipt Automatically
    * [IP-843] - WeissBeerger Web Reporting Interface
    * [IP-873] - Support for Aristocrat Ordering System (Extended Player Services)
    * [IP-878] - Multi-Select Departments into Promotions Screen
    * [IP-898] - Different Gift Voucher Types support individual Expiry Dates
    * [IP-921] - MYOB AccountRight Live Interface
    * [IP-950] - Max Gaming FBI file: import extrafield2 as Customer Scan Code
    * [IP-958] - Table Details Transfer Items builds Kitchen Print notification
    * [IP-959] - Ability to email PDF Gift Vouchers
    * [IP-964] - Stock Item Not Found warning uses Windows Critical Stop Sound
    * [IP-976] - Support for individual Receipt Logos on different Gift Voucher Types
    * [IP-981] - Refunded items show "REFUND" text on Kitchen print
    * [IP-1040] - Konami Interface - Member Number Lookup
    * [IP-1042] - IBA Promotions Import - new Batch Code filter option
    * [IP-1046] - Export Stock Item Sales manually in same format as Automatic Export
    * [IP-1047] - Customer Limit on Promotion Groups increased to 999