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How Long Is The Weight In Your Store

Do you use scales in your store to sell your produce, and have you ever thought about the repercussions if your scales are not measuring properly? Even if they are measuring correctly, are you using them correctly?

When selling items by weight (or many other measured tools), you fall into the Australian Government's standards and procedures set by the National Measurement Institution (NMI). Idealpos has to, due to interfacing with scales, comply with these regulations and we are NMI certified with our software. To be compliant, you are required to ensure your scales have been certified, and a sticker is placed on the POS terminal/s attached to scales, with the Idealpos NMI certification number.

Recently the NMI were featured on The Project (skip to 27:15 to watch it), to talk about the importance of complying, using scales correctly, and also to educate consumers on the requirements of business compliance.

The guidelines are there to help both the consumer and the business owner. While a set of scales that weighs incorrectly might be ripping the customer off, another set of scales might be giving product away, resulting in the business losing money. When you add up a single gram over the entire sales for a week, it's a large discrepancy.

Contact us for more information, or contact the NMI.