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Handheld Version 3 Released

We've released a new Ideal Handheld app as v3 which is only able to work with Idealpos v7 software. This app was released at the end of August and will work with any Idealpos 7 installation running build 22 and above. There have been some layout changes, settings changes and more features added.

There is a new Connection Settings option to configure the Handheld Licence IP, and a POSServer IP. All the menu options and button selections have been moved from the left menu to the top. You also no longer have access to selecting v7 Features as there is no need, it only works with v7. You are still required to select them in Idealpos though.


The new features that have been added to this version are:

  • Compulsory Clerk
  • iPad locked to landscape
  • Force Selling Price Entry
  • Full POS Screen display
  • Open Stock Item prompts Price and Description
  • Item Graphics use same Filename as POS (requires URL host)

For a comparison chart on which features are supported by which version of Idealpos and Handheld version, visit the Ideal Handheld page.