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Idealpos 7 build 46

We've released Idealpos 7 build 46 today which includes some new features and bug fixes.

For information on the new features with a guide on using them, please view the Update History here. Even if you are not intending on using any of the new features, we recommend you upgrade to this build to ensure your system is up to date as it includes fixes also.

** Enhancements
    * [IP-562] - Fast Search Customers screen colour coded for quicker identification
    * [IP-699] - Handheld supports POS Screen Grid Price Level link
    * [IP-1173] - Browse for Windows Folder dialog simplified
    * [IP-1184] - Adding Specials into Special Price Schedule can handle Multi-Select
    * [IP-1191] - Konami Gaming - option to Combine Accounts into One Total
    * [IP-1198] - Yes/No Option - Table Details Hide Paid Items by Default
    * [IP-1201] - Option for Shortcut Bar to use Small Font
    * [IP-1210] - Backoffice Grid type screens use extra screen height if available
    * [IP-1214] - Stock Item Hire Attribute Type
    * [IP-1219] - Stock Item Enquiry screen - support for Custom Date option
    * [IP-1254] - A4 Tax Invoice - option to Hide Paid Amount/Balance Due
    * [IP-1257] - Aristocrat Ordering (Extended Player Services) - Add new members to Idealpos
    * [IP-1264] - Global Option - Adult ID Age
    * [IP-1292] - Generic Format added to Automatic Sales Export
    * [IP-1306] - Support for Kitchen Printing with no error reporting