Stock Control Management

One of the mains reasons businesses decide to invest in a Point of Sale system is the ability to manage their stock. Idealpos has very powerful stock control features to manage the following processes: Stock Purchasing, Purchase Orders, Stock Transfers, Stock Write-Offs, Stock-take.

Idealpos can manage stock levels for multiple locations, with the ability to set recommended and reorder levels which can be used to produce reorder reports automatically generate purchase orders.

Stocktakes can be performed by printing stock take forms and entering the stock levels into the enter stock take screen. You can also record stock levels using a PDE device and then transfer the data to Idealpos.

Stock Control Management
Stock Control Management
Stock Control Management
  • Strong Stock Control System for Advanced System Management
  • Handle Stock From Ordering through to Sales and Credits
  • Supplier Purchases can be Imported and Exported for Accounting
  • Record Write-offs for Damaged Stock
  • Use our Mobile App Stock Manage

Stock Purchasing

Idealpos is able to import invoices directly to be processed and then sent to your accounting package if you choose. Entering invoices can allow you to adjust sell prices when the supplier cost has changed.

Stock levels can be adjusted depending on the location the items are received into. Inter-store Ordering allows for stores to use the same process to order and be invoiced from a Head Office location in a franchise environment.

Stocktake Features

Idealpos will perform stocktakes over multiple locations in different sites, all independant of each other. This allows you to count only the areas that you want to without disturbing the work of others.

Once an item has been counted you are free to sell it as Idealpos will know a stocktake has been started and will account for that when you input your count. You can select a range of stock items to count if you choose, without the need to count everything all at once.

Stock Transfers

businesses that use more than a single location will need to transfer items as required between them. Idealpos can do this in a number of ways, depending on the situations and size of the operation.

You can use Transfer sheets at each location and rely on staff to note it down, or use Tranfer Mode to select the items through the POS terminal's sale screen. Another option is to use the transfer option in the Stock Manage app.

Stock Item List

Stock Item List

The Stock Item List is the life-blood of any good Stock Control Management system, giving you access to every detail of each item that you buy or sell for your business. The Stock Item List allows each item to be indivisually programmed to meet the needs you require, giving complete freedom.

Stock Items can be programmed into many different types of items, some you sell, some you buy, some are manufactured by you, others are made up of multiple stock items and others are just simply sold as is. All of this is controlled through the Stock Item List.

Idealpos allows you to customise your Stock Item List. You can move columns to be where you want them to be, change the colour of the contents for better highlighting, and set the alignment of the contents. All of these customisations make it easier for you to use the Point of Sale program like you want to.

Stock Item Variants - Creating

Stock Item Variants - Creating

Idealpos supports the management and bulk-creation of Stock Items that come in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes.

Instead of having to go through the tedious process of manually creating a separate item one at a time for each variant (such as Polo Shirt Blue Small, Polo Shirt Blue Medium, Polo Shirt Red Small and so on), you can now create all the variants for an item in a few clicks.

The way the variants function works is that you will create the parent item (e.g. Polo Shirt), then you will enable the Variants tickbox which will enable access to the Variants tab.
Within the Variants tab, you can enable the Variant Types and Options that the item is available in. Idealpos will then generate a list of all the variant combinations that are available based on your selections. If you're happy with the list, you can press "Create New Variants" and Idealpos will go through and perform a bulk creation of all the varieties and they'll all be linked back to the parent item. This makes the process of creating each variety a fast and simple process.

Stock Item Variants - Selling

Stock Item Variants - Selling

When it comes to selling variant items, the POS Screen can display all the varieties that an item is available in, along with the Stock Level and Price of each variant. If you are looking for a particular size or colour in the list, it is possible to filter the list by selecting the required Variant Type (e.g. Small). The list will only show items that match the selected type. 

Once the item that you are wanting to sell has been identified in the list, select the item then press the "Sell Item" button to add it to the sale.

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