Canteen POS Systems

Idealpos is flexible and powerful enough to work in school shops like canteens, tuck-shops and uniform shops.

The uniform shop will be looking for good stock control as they sell the same item in different sizes, whereas the canteen/tuck-shops will be wanting speed of service to keep the lines flowing. Idealpos can handle both of these situations in the same venue easily.

The shops can be configured to give each student a student card with a barcode which, when scanned, will allow those purchases to be charged to the family account. This enables the parents to control their child's spending and also save the hassle from sending them cash to use elsewhere.

Our POS Systems are developed locally in Brisbane.

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School Shops
School Shops
School Shops
  • Customer Accounts for Students
  • Stock Control
  • Barcode Creation and Label Printing
  • Coupons and Gift Vouchers
  • Advertising Product Signs


Idealpos can create labels that can be printed out onto various mediums for use with barcode scanners. Stock Items, Customers and Promotions can be printed using various label settings. Idealpos can add a scancode to all stock items automatically if required. 

Labels are most useful in being able to add barcodes to items that originally don't come with them as standard. This then allows the stock items to be scanned quickly during a sale, but also to be scanned easily during a stocktake.

When selecting labels to print you are able to select multiple items in one go, saving you time from multiple searches. When selecting items to print you can select lines in blocks or individual lines.

Gift Vouchers & Credit Notes

Gift Vouchers & Credit Notes

Gift Vouchers can be sold through Idealpos and redeemed at a later date which you can decide. Gift vouchers enable you to keep track of purchased vouchers in case of loss or theft. Gift vouchers can be linked to your custom stationary, gift cards or Idealpos can print the voucher out of the receipt printer.

All Gift Vouchers are tracked and monitored through Idealpos, making it easy to replace a lost Gift Voucher. Each time a Gift Voucher is used, the amount of the sale will be deducted from the original voucher, and a new voucher will be printed with the remaining balance.

Credit Notes are used for the returning of goods into your store, but instead of giving them back the tender they purchased with, you give them a Credit Note to the value of those goods in your store. It acts like a Gift Voucher in that it cannot be redeemed for cash, and must be spent in your store.



Signs allow you to print products out including images with prices to advertise throughout your store, helping to promote products. Create and save formats for future use and arrange the components anywhere you wish. Add various elements such as Price, Description, Image & Notes and show details of promotions on the sign for better engagement.

Customer Accounts

Customer Accounts

Giving students a customer account allows them to put charges on an invoice which the parent can see, while also protecting them from bullying and having to give up, or lose their money that you send with them to school.

Parents will have piece of mind knowing their child can purchase goods if they forget their lunch that day, and be provided with an itemised bill to see what those purchases were.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode Scanning

Barcodes are used in Idealpos for the fast entry of stock items into the sales screen using a barcode scanner, or for stock control using the Stock Manage app. Scanning can also be used on customer accounts for membership cards, bar tabs, accounts and for employees to log onto a sale. Barcodes can also be used when printed on gift vouchers, credit notes, receipts and coupons for faster service.

Barcodes are fast and secure so help you go about your business knowing that mistakes are kept to a minimum. Used in conjunction with label printing and Idealpos' internal barcode creation facility, you can achieve great results very quickly.

Layby Facility

Layby Facility

Laybys are used to give the customer a specified time period to pay a purchase off, before taking the goods home. The customer can make a deposit on the item, which will then be held in storage by the retailer until the goods have been totally paid off, or the customer cancels the layby.

When items are put on Layby, the stock level for that item is reduced, and you can see which items are held in stock for sale, and which items are held in stock on Layby.

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Schools that use our School Shops POS system

Calamvale Community College

Ipswich State High School

San Sisto College

St James College

St Joseph’s Nudgee College

St Peter Claver College

School Shop POS system integration partners



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