Tourist Attractions Overview

From charging ticket admissions at the gate to the long lines of customers at the food and beverage outlets, a point of sale system that can handle both is paramount in theme parks and tourist attractions.

Idealpos enables you to use different screen layouts in different areas so you can easily control what the operator will need to see. This will help it be less confusing from a user point of view and much easier to manage from an admin point of view.

You can offer coupons that can be used in all areas, and other coupons could be triggered to be issued at each venue for subsequent visits or for discounts in the gift shop or food stores.

Our POS Systems are developed locally in Brisbane.

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Tourist Attractions
Tourist Attractions
Tourist Attractions
  • Coupons and Gift Vouchers
  • Kitchen Monitor
  • Stock Control
  • Integrated EFTPOS
  • Customer Displays
Integrated EFTPOS

Integrated EFTPOS

Idealpos supports up to 18 different two-way interfaces to EFTPOS Terminals for Australia, New Zealand and Canadian markets.

By connecting your EFTPOS to your Point of Sale System, you help eliminate operator error by sending the sale and cash out amount to the EFTPOS terminal. The EFTPOS terminal will connect to the bank and upon approval will return an approval response so that the operator is able to finalise the sale. 

Having an integrated solution will also speed up the transaction as the operator doesn't have to enter values into a pin pad and deal with multiple receipts.

Customer Display

Customer Display

Showcase your specials right in front of your customers as they make their decisions. Images can be set to scroll through a folder of pre-prepared images showcasing what you want  to sell quickly.

There are numerous layouts to choose from where you can show an image the entire time, or show the items as they are rung up and then utilize the full screen when there is no sale taking place.

Pocket Stock app

Pocket Stock app

Idealpos utilises an app to allow you better management tools for the serious side of your business, stock control. With Pocket Stock, you are able to perform a stocktake on all your locations, view/change prices, transfer stock between locations, receive items into stock and assign barcodes to all items.

If required, you can use a scanning device by Linea Pro which gives your phone extra functionality. This scanning device is not required, however, by having the scanning device, your efficiency will be increased, enabling you to scan all your items in a timely manner.

Pocket Stock links directly to Idealpos and transfers data in a matter of seconds, allowing you to get on with the job you need to do.

Kitchen Monitor

Kitchen Monitor

The kitchen monitor acts just like a kitchen printer, only all the dockets are displayed on a screen and can use additional features. You are able to select how many orders at any one time display on the monitor, and at any time bring orders back that have been completed.

Advanced features allow you to use multiple colours to quickly identify the type of order it is, for example dine-in, take-away or drive-thru. You can have multiple screens throughout the kitchen only showing the orders you designate.

Customer order screens are also available to display customer order numbers for when they are able to collect their meals. These screens can be customised heavily to match any branding you would like to be used.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers can be sold through Idealpos and redeemed at a later date which you can decide. Gift vouchers enable you to keep track of purchased vouchers in case of loss or theft. Gift vouchers can be linked to your custom stationary, gift cards or Idealpos can print the voucher out of the receipt printer.

All Gift Vouchers are tracked and monitored through Idealpos, making it easy to replace a lost Gift Voucher.

Each time a Gift Voucher is used, the amount of the sale will be deducted from the original voucher, and a new voucher will be printed with the remaining balance. The expiry date will not change on the voucher unless it is edited by a Clerk.



The Coupon Promotions feature is similar to normal Promotions where an automatic discount is applied once trip conditions are met; however, instead of discounting the current sale, a coupon is printed at the end of the sale and can be used to provide a discount for a future sale. It is also possible to link a coupon from an external source to apply the coupon within your store.

Coupons can be configured to print through the receipt printer with your company logo, and can be tracked with a serial number, or simply printed multiple times the items are tripped.

Customer Meal Pagers

Customer Meal Pagers

Idealpos interfaces with bistro pagers that can be integrated with the POS system or used as standalone. When integrated with Idealpos they are connected through the Ideal Kitchen Monitor.

The basic sales process involves the customer ordering a meal and receiving a pager. When their meal is ready the pager will go off and they can come and collect it.

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Companies that use our Tourist Attraction POS system

Aussie World

Delta Force Paint Ball

Domo Gas

Jondaryan Woolshed

Keystone Centre

Mt Isa Entertainment Centre

Outback Mt Isa

Puffing Billy

Paronella Park

The Ginger Factory

VBase AMI Stadium

VBase Horncastle Arena

VBase Town Hall

Tourist Attractions POS system integration partners



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