Mobile Apps

Idealpos has two mobile apps available for different functions within the software, but are completely integrated as well as interfacing with a number of other apps.

Handheld Ordering allows staff members to take orders at the table which can then be sent to the kitchen. Coming features add huge improvements including an Android version, a kiosk facility to allow guests to enter their own order and more features for tablets.

Stock Manage allows you to perform Stocktakes, Receive Stock, Stock Transfers and Assign Barcodes. It can be used with third-party hardware to scan barcodes and helps speed up stock control procedures.

Additional third-party apps that Idealpos can communicate with include Mobi2go and more!

Mobile App POS system integration partners



Hey you. Yeah you. The one who’s just come off a 12 hour shift but still forgot to put the catering order in for that party tomorrow. Your feet hurt. You’re tired. You love it, but surely there’s an easier way to do this? We just wanted to say, we get it.

Our CEO and team grew up in hospitality. We’ve washed dishes, cleared tables, served food, cooked food, made coffee, waited on happy (and unhappy) customers and pulled back to back shifts. We understand that hospitality is wonderfully different to any other business, and deserves it’s own online and mobile ordering solution. One that works the way you do and keeps your customers coming back for more. That solution is Mobi2Go.

Our family at Mobi2Go are passionate about technology, hospitality and bringing your awesome brand to life online. We do this because we love it, just like you do.

Mobi2Go is an integrated online & mobile ordering platform made for hospitality. It helps to increase revenue, reduce in-store wait times, encourage customer loyalty and improve the overall customer ordering experience.

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me&u is the new, smarter way to order & pay.

me&u partners with venues to transform the traditional menu into a smarter one. From a simple tap, customers can order & pay directly to your Idealpos point of sale system from the convenience of their own phone.

me&u was conceptualised by Stevan Premutico, the founder of Dimmi and has been backed by Justin Hemmes and Tyro. Hundreds of venues have already joined the movement including Merivale, Solotel, Rockpool, The Portsea Hotel and The Opera Bar.

Get started and click the link below to tap into a closer and stronger relationship with your customers.

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Mr Yum

Mr Yum

Your beautiful Mr Yum menu powers any combo of ordering you want. Your customers can order from their table, from their couch at home, or down the street before they pick up. 

There’s no app to download.

We're 100% web-based. For dine-in, with COVID-19, customers will want to order from their own device, avoiding touching communal menus or eftpos.

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HungryHungry’s Contactless Ordering is designed to level up your customer’s experience.

We offer digital solutions for hospo businesses, in-venue and out-of-venue, with a full suite of marketing capabilities all through an easy online platform.

Idealpos & HungryHungry are better together.

Consumer needs are changing faster than you can say “Smashed Avo”. HungryHungry creates a frictionless experience for your customer, whether they are in-venue and perusing the digital menu, or out-of-venue and wanting to pick-up and go.

Guest Registry integration and Table Ordering all-in-one. 
Patrons can register their details on arrival, order their meal and pay without touching a physical menu.

HungryHungry boasts a broad range of customisable functions which we have designed to please even the trickiest of customers: 

  • Stunning Digital Menus and Guest Registry all in one 
  • Instant Online Payments 
  • Special dietary filters, 
  • Top-of-menu featured items, 
  • Online payments, and; 
  • Easy order fulfilment,

The platform is branded for you, allowing you to showcase and celebrate the best of your business without needing to use any other company’s brand.

Become the master of your data with insights into your customer’s behaviour and instant sales reports, and use AI Marketing to win back your customers, no matter how long it’s been since they last ordered.

HungryHungry is your secret sauce to creating mouth-wateringly great experiences for every customer you serve!

Taste test HungryHungry today!

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