Pocket Pad app

Idealpos has developed a Pocket Pad app for Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices to allow staff to offer better service on the floor to your customers. Offering advanced capabilities to place an order quickly, or allow the customers to place their own order, this is a time saver in your pocket!

What better way to increase sales while offering better service than to have the POS right there when you need it. Staff have the ability to do what they do best, and that's to give great customer service.

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Pocket Pad app
Pocket Pad app
  • Fast access to the same stock items available on your POS Screen terminals
  • iPad/iPad Mini version displays a fully-functioning Table Map complete with status indicators
  • Hand the device to the customer to complete their own order, in their own time
  • Increase staff service by minimising the time required walking to an order terminal
  • Allow staff to use their own devices if they wish

Handheld iPhone v1

This is the original app that we have had available for many years and uses Menus to populate the items on the device.

Orders placed on the app can be sent to the products required printers. Bill Printing, Notes, Seat Allocation and Table Enquiries can all be acessed easily.

Handheld v4

Developed specifically for use with Idealpos 7, this version of the app brings many additional features, as well as all the features enjoyed in the first version.

The Table Map is viewable on iPads with table status indicators live on all devices. Stock Items are automatically programmed and images can be used for visual selection.

Additional features include Full POS Screen Display, Open Stock Items, Force Selling Price Entry and Compulsory Clerk.

POS Screen Setup

There's no reason to spend time setting up Stock Items on your POS Screens, only to also spend time setting them up for the app. The Handheld App now pulls the same data from the terminals, saving you the need to configure your menu twice.

Images can be used on the buttons for better visual selection, helping new staff quickly become familiar with the menu, or enabling current staff to easily spot any changes to the menu.

Allow Customer Entry

Allow Customer Entry

When used on an iPad/iPad Mini device, you are able to lock the device and hand it to the customer to enter their meals. While customers are doing this, it frees up staff to help clear tables or run more meals from the kitchen. This can be a time saver, however your menu should be designed to be easy to navigate for someone who doesn't use your system every day. Idealpos can be configured to send a specific POS Screen Layout to the Handheld app, which you can use to configure a Customer-Friendly POS-Screen Layout that will appear on the Handheld app. The custom layout will then appear across all Handheld App devices. This will allow customers to easily navigate and place orders for themselves when the device has been locked to their table.   

When the device has been placed into Customer Order mode (locked to a single table), help tips will be displayed on screen, showing the customer what to do and how to do it. To hide the help tips, they can simply press on the question mark icon. The customer is only granted access to the items that have been added to the POS screen. When the device is in Customer Order mode, it will remain locked to their table, even after their order has been sent to the kitchen. The device can be left with the customer at their table and they can simply order additional items as they're desired. To unlock Customer Order mode so the device can be used by the Clerk to place orders onto other tables, staff will have to enter an unlock code.

This can be used as an easy way to upsell to a customer. Simply create your menu in a way that steps the customer through additional offerings that offer you a better return and value add. Customers won't feel like they are being marketed to, and you can turn over more product.

  Ideal Handheld v1 Ideal Handheld v4
Allow staff to take orders at the table and send to the kitchen? Yes Yes
Staff can print bills, enquire about a table, add seats and view notes? Yes Yes
Staff can use their own devices if required? Yes Yes
Clerks are able to be changed easily to enable easy device sharing? Yes Yes
Able to communicate with Idealpos 7 software? Yes Yes
Items can be added, subtracted, deleted and text entered? Yes Yes
Table Map can be used on iPad and iPad Mini devices?   Yes*
Table status changes in line with indicators on POS terminals?   Yes
Use the POS Screen programming to build stock items into the menu?   Yes
Images can be used on buttons for visual selection?   Yes*
Allow customers to enter their own meals so staff can perform other tasks?   Yes*
Set POS Screen Layout?   Yes*
Compulsory Clerk?   Yes
Open Stock Items prompt Price & Description Entry?   Yes
Supports Force Selling Price?   Yes
Menu Item Layout same as Idealpos?   Yes*
Landscape Only View?   Yes*
Item Graphics use Same Files as Idealpos?   Yes*
Clerk Name Displays in Top-Left Corner?   Yes*
Set Default Table Map?   Yes*
Use Multiple Table Maps?   Yes*


Ideal Handheld V4 requires Idealpos v7 build 41 or above.

*Available only when using an iPad device