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Staff Post - Dave Miller

Dave Miller

Retail Installation Manager
Dave has been with Idealpos for over 12 years, successfully gaining more iterations of his business card than anyone else. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his children and playing sport.

I started working at Idealpos, or Leda Business Equipment as it was called, in November 2003.  The entire process of interviewing and starting happened very quickly.  I found the ad for a Point of Sale Installation Assistant role on Tuesday and put in my application.  I came into the office for an interview on the Wednesday, and was offered the position on Thursday. The following Monday I started my first full time job and it was exciting.  I turned up in a business shirt with a tie and had a brief case with me (that was for my lunch but I thought I looked more professional with it).  That was the only day I brought a briefcase into work. On my first day I was introduced to 7 or 8 staff members then given a box of computer parts so I could build my own office computer.

Since starting as an assistant to Mark Beeley, my role here has changed a lot.  My first few months I followed Mark around and assisted with installations and customer support.  When I became more familiar with the way that the business ran, I was able to plan out my own days and book in jobs that I needed to do.  Support was a big deal because not many sites had the internet, which meant we could not do any remote support.  The positive for this was I had to know how everything looked on the screen and remember it, so I could talk customers through troubleshooting.  The downside was we had to do a lot more callouts which is not very time efficient.

As our company has grown and internal roles changed, there was a time where I replaced Mark and had to hire an assistant for myself. I had to find time to both do my job and also train my assistant.  It made work easier being able to delegate some of the easier jobs and concentrate on the larger more complex installations.

A few years down the track we employed Alex as a dedicated phone support technician.  This significantly impacted my workload and allowed me to spend less time on support and more time installing systems.  I also used my time to demonstrate Idealpos to potential clients and prepare quotations.

Over the last couple of years Idealpos has seen significant growth in support and installations, which has meant our retail team has needed to grow with it.  We now have multiple installers and phone support technicians.  My role has changed as well.  I am no longer taking support calls and do not go onsite much for installations.  My role is to manage the installations and the install team.  I work with all of the support staff and offer my experience where necessary.

I enjoyed working at Leda Business Equipment when it was a small business and I still enjoy working at Idealpos as it continues to grow.