Bill Splitting

Bill Splitting allows your guests to split a bill between multiple variations to give everyone the chance to pay what is required of them. The bill can be Split into four different ways, which are by Fraction, Amount, Cover and Quantity, or a combination of each.

Many businesses choose to not allow bill splitting, but you can offer your guests a service above your competitors by easily splitting their bills for them.

Customer service is all about doing what the customer wants, and if you can make a lot of people happy in one sale by splitting a bill, you are likely to get a lot of return business. Although this was a tedious service in the past, we're well equiped to handle it now.


Bill Splitting
Bill Splitting
Bill Splitting
  • Competitive Advantage Over Other Restaurants
  • Give Customers a Reason to Return
  • Use Tyro Pay@Table or Other EFTPOS Providers for Easy Transactions
  • Provide Tax Receipts for Each Diner
  • Choose From 4 Different Split Functions or a Combination of

Added Service

While it is up to you if your business chooses to split sales, it's an added service that many restaurants just don't deliver because it was a difficult and time consuming issue in the past. The server would be spending time with a calculator while the table fought over who ordered what and how to split it fairly.

Using our system, you can highlight items to select to pay them individually, or select them all and split them based on the customer requests, with each customer getting their own receipt. Want to use a combination of splitting choices, well, you can do whatever you want, the power is yours.


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