Clerk Security

When you have multiple staff looking after the financial side fo your business where money is changing hands, you want to ensure that the correct allowances for access have been set. Idealpos can allow staff to be grouped together to change multiple staff permissions in a single check box, or give each staff memeber a unique access ability.

It's almost impossible to stop staff if they want to steal from the business unless you instill the correct measures to protect and record what happens. There is nothing wrong with allowing staff access to any area, so long as it is approved by you.

Clerk Security
Clerk Security
Clerk Security
  • Clerks can be Linked to Users for Batch Configuration
  • Users Control Additional Settings in Back Office
  • Assign Clerks Multiple Choices for Logging On
  • Clerks Using RFID can Save Service Time
  • Keep Control of Staff Access and Minimise Mistakes

Total Access Control

You have complete control of what your clerks can access and when. Some clerks might not even need to perform sales on the terminal, but need to use it to log on as an employee. Other staff will require additional access to perform advanced functions for staff with restricted access.

Clerks are able to be grouped into Users which affords you the luxury of assigning multiple clerk permissions at the same time. When linked to a User, clerks will gain the access to the back office afforded that level.

RFID Technology

The most popular method is RFID Clerk Wristbands, whereby each operator wears a RFID wristband that looks similar to a watch. The Idealpos system is set to compulsory clerk, so every transaction requires the clerk to “sign-on” to the POS system.

RFID Clerk Wristbands also enable the Overlapping Clerk function. This works by allowing a Clerk to use the POS system whilst another clerks sale has already been started. Once the clerk has finished their sale, the original clerk can recall their sale, showing the previously entered items on the POS screen.

Clerk Reporting

When you assign all of your staff their own clerk log in, you give yourself the advantage of maximising your reporting choices. Many reports in Idealpos can be grouped or filtered by Clerk which can help to narrow down any problem staff.

Each staff members login should be protected like a bank PIN so that other staff cannot use it and blame the member who's code was used. The activity log and journal allow powerful clerk filtering.