Multi-Site Management

Whether you have a couple of stores in your city, or a franchise network all over the country, Idealpos can handle it all.

Multi-site support offers you branding control to ensure your business runs the way you want it to run. Global and Yes/No Options are controlled by site, so this allows you to fully customize each individual site to the unique settings they require.

Multi-Site Management
  • From a Single Admin PC, you can Control all Terminals within your Network
  • Suitable for Franchise or Multi-Location Businesses
  • Configure Stock Items with Multiple Changes for each Site
  • Limit Data Transfer between Stores unless required
  • Control Access to System Capablities

Head-Office Control

From the main office you can configure each POS terminal, Location and Site. Each Site can be unique with the ability to setup Global and Site options specific to them only.

Stock Items are all controlled from Head Office with Site's having the ability to add items only at their site, with Head Office controlling how many of these are available.

Inter-Store Ordering

Inter-tore Ordering gives you the freedom of controlling the entire process of ordering stock from head office or your distribution centre through to invoicing the site for the items ordered.

Configure each step in the process of who can order, where is sent from and when it gets invoiced using Supplier and Customer Account links.


Each site communicates with Head Office immediately after receiving data from multiple POS terminals. A designated terminal will receive the data and send it to Head Office.

Head Office can view the sales in real-time. If terminals are offline they will hold their sales data until the network re-establishes and then send the data through. No sales history is lost.