Kitchen Display Monitor

Ideal Kitchen Monitor is a highly configurable display ordering system which can be used in Quick Service, Drive Thru, Restaurant and Café businesses.

Kitchen Monitors allow back end staff from anywhere in the kitchen to view the order and help keep service moving at a fast rate. Developed initially for fast-food, they have evolved and become a vital component in many different styles of kitchens within many industries.

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Kitchen Monitor
Kitchen Monitor
Kitchen Monitor
  • Full customisation of order screen including order quantity, colours, layout and summary details.
  • Customer Order Display for visual enhancement in loud enviroments such as bistros with live music.
  • Bump, zoom, delete and recall orders using a programmable bump bar with button configuration.
  • Orders can be bumped from client screens but remain on server screens for full meal preparation.
  • Food and beverage orders can be sent to separate monitors the same as if using kitchen printers.

Minimise Mistakes

There's a reason that fast-food takeaway systems have been using kitchen monitors for years, and that's because they can display a lot of orders easily and quickly.

In kitchens where orders are constantly being added and kitchen staff need to know at a quick glance exactly what needs to be cooked and when, you need a stable, proven system.

If a mistake occurs in these kitchens, you can quickly get backed up and customer service suffers as orders are lost, time becomes an issue and sales are lost causing issues to the business.

Key Communication

When the kitchen monitor is placed high in the kitchen, many more staff can easily view the screens to ensure they are cooking the correct meals.

Although many chefs and kitchens are very vocal, kitchen monitor can help to ensure that communication between staff is not confusing everyone within earshot.

Visual confirmation of orders can help to minimise redundant questions to key staff members who may be busy concentrating on other tasks. While communication is vital in any kitchen, it can take on many forms.

Multiple Configurations

Kitchen monitor can be congifured to make life easier for different departments in the kitchen or bar, ensuring that whoever is required to view the order can do so easily.

When an order is entered at the terminal, Idealpos is able to separate it to as many printers or monitors as required. This will ensure that each chef is aware of what is needed and when.

At the pass, the order can be condensed and the chef can ensure that all meal components have been bumped from client screens to ensure the meal is sent correctly with all required items.