tyro Fast, connvenient, payments at the table
Bucci Restaurant Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
Harvey's Bistro Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
Martin Place Bar Sydney
Stellarossa Cafes across Brisbane

...The software is user-friendly and we are able to add items and make changes with a minimum of fuss. The reporting suite and built-in security features aid in the management of our businesses. As we have grown, the software's flexibility has allowed us to scale without major additional outlay...

...I have found the Idealpos Point of Sale System to be an excellent product to manage my restaurants. At Bar Alto, we have 8 point of sale terminals located in both the bar and restaurant areas. I am able to effectively manage my stock and report on my daily financial activities easily and quickly...

...I was daunted by the idea of having to find a system for my needs. They were all so complicated! When I met Mark from Idealpos I was not only impressed by the POS system but by the service and excellence in quality...

...We can't recommend Idealpos highly enough - touchscreens are a hit with front-line staff at ticketing, café and retail. Back office reports are simple and comprehensive...

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Now you can go where your customers go, without the expensive app development cost.
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Idealpos partners with Clipp

Idealpos is proud to announce that it has a direct integration with mobile phone app Clipp. Clipp is a Bar Tab app that allows you to open a tab, select a limit, and pay for the tab all using your mobile phone
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Point of sale software and systems by Idealpos

Idealpos point of sale softwareThe Idealpos POS Software strengths are its ease of use, simpledesign and broad range of Point of Sale features suited to a wide range of businesses. The Point of Sale Screen is intuitive, logical and simple to operate. With so many configurable POS options, you can customize the behaviour of the POS System to suit your style of operation.

Idealpos boasts several security POS features to help business owners protect their income revenue and monitor daily activities. POS Clerks can use the RFID technology to log onto the a sale by wearing a wristband (that looks like a watch!) which provides the tracking of Point of Sale functions such as voids, refunds, no-sales and discounts. All this information is viewable using the Electronic Journal and Activity Log screens.

Most of the features in the Idealpos point of sale software are suitable for both Hospitality and Retail with some are more specific to each industry type. The POS Software Licences are available for purchase for Back Office computers and POS Terminals and some of the features are available as Add-On modules, so you only need to pay for what you use.

No matter what your Point of Sale System requirements are, Idealpos Solutions has the right POS Software and POS System for you!

About Idealpos Point of Sale Software and POS Systems

Idealpos is an easy to use POS Software package to provide you with a complete point of sale system solution for your business. Developed locally in Australia for both Retail POS and Hospitality POS environments, Idealpos will help you manage your business and increase your profits!

POS Software needs to be intuitive, and quick to learn with powerful POS features that will provide more functionality and benefits from your traditional Cash Register Systems. Here at Idealpos Solutions, we provide the complete Point of Sale Systems including quality POS Touch Screen Terminals, POS Printers and POS Peripherals.

Our POS Software is one of the few POS Systems to network using a true peer-to-peer infrastructure. This allows your POS System to run Independently of others with offline reporting capabilities. Packet filtering allows you to configure your POS System so you can set which POS Terminals can report on your POS Transactions.

Suitable for Multi-store customers, Idealpos POS Software communicates through a VPN Network over the Internet, providing a fast real-time network, so you can view sales from your POS Systems as they occur. Your Point of Sale Software will be easy to manage, allowing quick editing of prices, additions of new product and changes to your POS Screen.

Our Idealpos website showcases the features of our Point of Sale Software to help you research the best POS Software and Point of Sale System for your business. You can view screen shots, watch an introduction video and download a free trial of our POS Software.

If you are already an existing user or would like detailed information about Idealpos, you can view our online User Guide and Knowledge Base. We regularly update our latest news articles to keep you informed with all the latest POS Software changes and enhancements.

No matter what type of retail or hospitality business you are, Idealpos Solutions can provide you with a Point of Sale System that is easy to use, and has all the POS Software features you will need to run your business.